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“Healthspot” Convenience Medical Kiosks

April 2, 2013 | | Posted in Newsletter

HealthSpot Services
Convenience kiosks could be the next leap for telemedicine.  If so, they would be located in places where [MORE]

Brookings Study on IT and Personalized Medicine

February 28, 2011 | | Posted in Newsletter

It has happened before, and often: scientific discovery running ahead of medical practice and public policy, with consumer demand [MORE]

The Information Based Transformation to Value Based, Personalized Healthcare

Much of the dialogue around personalized medicine focuses on the scientific and biotechnology breakthroughs we have witnessed in recent years, [MORE]

Digital Patients: Digital Care, Denmark

February 16, 2010 | | Posted in Newsletter

Denmark’s national health system is tax-financed, even if perceived to be “free.”  For that reason, the Danish government has [MORE]

IOM Recommendations on Comparative-Effectiveness Research

July 21, 2009 | | Posted in Newsletter

Comparative- effectiveness research aims to generate evidence about medical treatment choices.  Finding that old fashioned diuretics are generally more effective [MORE]