Brett Davis's bio:

Brett Davis is a Senior Director in Oracle's Health Sciences Global Business Unit. In this role, Brett is responsible for shaping and driving Oracle's personalized healthcare strategy and solutions. He works closely with leaders in healthcare and life sciences to help them leverage innovative information technologies and applications to innovate and grow.

In addition to his role at Oracle, he is on the Board of Directors of the Personalized Medicine Coalition, served on the US Department of Health and Human Services HRSA’s Genetic Services Policy Project Advisory Panel, is a Strategic Advisor for the Ben and Catherine Ivy Foundation for glioma research, co-chairs the NY State PACeR Business Model workgroup and has been an invited speaker at industry meetings on information technology’s transformative role in the health sciences.

Prior to joining Oracle, Brett was a Business Unit Executive in IBM's Healthcare and Life Sciences business. Brett also led business development and marketing efforts at Genstruct, Inc., a Cambridge, MA based biotech. He also served as Senior Product Manager and Director of Marketing for Viaken Systems, Inc., where he helped develop and market bioinformatics and knowledge management solutions for pharmaceutical research.

Brett is a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University where he was enrolled in the accelerated Science BS/MBA Program, and graduated as the Eberly College of Science Student Marshall.

Brett lives outside Philadelphia with his wife Virginia and two children, Owen and Emery.

DISCLOSURE: Mr. Davis has disclosed that he is an employee of Oracle and owns stock.

Brett Davis's posts:

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