photoaboutOUR MISSION:
MedicalAutomation.org aims to fill the need for unbiased information about processes and technologies that can make healthcare more effective, efficient and equitable. Our scope is worldwide.

Improving health is a human desire. No culture resigns itself to infant mortality, illness among its most productive members, or neglect of its elders. Disparities exist because solutions remain unfound. MedicalAutomation.org aims to identify processes and technologies, which can arise anywhere, and make health a more achievable goal everywhere.

MedicalAutomation.org is a not-for-profit organization that does not seek to direct the course of healthcare technology, but rather to provide all users—patients, medical practitioners, healthcare administrators, policy makers—with useful information for making informed choices.

Choices in healthcare are expanding rapidly. Bringing awareness of those choices—along with their scientific, economic and political peculiarities—to a central point is MedicalAutomation.org’s chief goal. To do this, we provide:

  • an annual international conference that serves as a world forum on healthcare developments, emphasizing automated solutions.
  • a weekly newsletter, Tagline, that gleans information from many sources about technology enabled processes, economics and healthcare policy.