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Effects of Medication Non-Adherence on the Healthcare System

May 24, 2010 | | Posted in Expert Interviews,Resources

The impact of non-adherence to medication regimes is discussed by Dr. Bruce Kehr, Chairman of the Board of Directors and [MORE]

Technology Solutions for Long-Term Care by Daniel Wrappe

May 14, 2010 | | Posted in Expert Interviews,Resources

Daniel D. Wrappe, CEO of Wireless MedCare, LLC,  describes the common problems of long-term care – managing issues related to [MORE]

Iyer Sees Wireless Technology As Solution to Big Healthcare Challenges

May 5, 2010 | | Posted in Expert Interviews,Resources

Anand Iyer, PhD, President and COO,  WellDoc Communications,  describes what he see as the number one challenge in healthcare today [MORE]

Overview of Personal Health Systems

March 9, 2010 | | Posted in Newsletter

While this 240 page report on telemedicine largely reflects European thinking (where, arguably, personal health management is more advanced [MORE]

Remote Monitoring of CHF Patients

February 16, 2010 | | Posted in Newsletter

Meridian Health (Neptune, NJ) is using MedApps (Scottsdale, AZ) telemonitoring services for congestive heart failure discharges.  The aim [MORE]

Remote Nursing

January 19, 2010 | | Posted in Newsletter

With the simplest hospitalization (not including admission through the Emergency Department) costing at least $10k, insurers and healthcare providers [MORE]

GPS Tracking of Alzheimer’s Patients

December 8, 2009 | | Posted in Newsletter

The Alzheimer’s Association (Chicago, IL) recently announced a new mobile monitoring system called “the Comfort Zone.”  It uses wireless [MORE]

Intel’s White Paper on Personal Health Systems for Patients and Clinicians

November 17, 2009 | | Posted in Newsletter

Managing chronic diseases usually involves multiple service providers, whether in a clinical setting or through remote patient monitoring.  This downloadable [MORE]

What you think is the #1 challenge in healthcare today? What medical technology can help to meet those challenges?

November 1, 2009 | | Posted in Ask the Experts,Reader's Questions

With the current raging debate about the American healthcare system, we are hearing  conflicting, sometimes contentious, and frequently emotional viewpoints. [MORE]

Personal Medical Monitoring

May 12, 2009 | | Posted in Newsletter

Home Health Monitor

Tagline searches for new ideas in personal medical monitoring, but Emily Singer’s piece in the Technology Review on [MORE]

Chronic Disease Management and Wireless Solutions: Transforming Outcomes. Slashing Costs

With alarming increases in both the incidence and costs of chronic disease management, traditional healthcare innovation has all but failed. [MORE]

Sensor Assisted Care

Smart healthcare systems are needed to address the real problems of our aging population. The long term care industry is [MORE]

Wearable Sensors: Personal Health Monitoring

November 18, 2008 | | Posted in Newsletter

Fitbit Sensor
Whether he actually invented a device for measuring walking distance or simply brought one home from Europe, Thomas Jefferson [MORE]

Intel Health@Home

October 7, 2008 | | Posted in Newsletter

Realizing that chronic disease patients consume eighty cents of every health care dollar, Intel has launched the first of [MORE]