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Digestible Electronics

August 8, 2017 | | Posted in Newsletter

Marmite and Vegemite
More than three-fourths of people developing irritable bowel disease have their conditions go undiagnosed until it becomes most [MORE]

Autonomous Iris from Light Sensitive Polymer

August 8, 2017 | | Posted in Newsletter

Artificial Iris
University researchers in Finland and Poland have used a light sensitive polymer to create a contact lens-like autonomous iris. [MORE]

Polysomnography in a Patch

July 4, 2017 | | Posted in Newsletter

Sleep apnea is a risk factor for many serious health conditions. For example, pauses in breathing followed by an abrupt [MORE]

Smartphone Add on Cardiac Monitor

July 4, 2017 | | Posted in Newsletter

Confirm Rx Insertable Cardiac Monitor
Last year, when Abbott Laboratories acquired St. Jude Medical one of products in the deal was [MORE]

A Prosthetic Hand that Sees

July 4, 2017 | | Posted in Newsletter

Prosthetic Seeing Hand
Bioengineers at Newcastle University in the UK have designed a prosthetic hand with an internal camera that sees [MORE]

Multiparticulate Drug Dispensing Device

June 27, 2017 | | Posted in Newsletter

HSDesign Multiparticulate Drug Depenser
Multiparticulate drugs are those with beads or microspheres containing single or multiple drugs for modified release effects. [MORE]

Cough into Your Smartphone

June 27, 2017 | | Posted in Newsletter

An Australian startup named “ResApp” has used learning algorithms to distinguish the sounds of several kinds of respiratory illnesses—pneumonia, asthma, [MORE]

Adhesive Sensor Detects Leaking IV Drips

June 6, 2017 | | Posted in Newsletter

Wearable Sensor for IV Leakage
For elders, inserting a needle and cannula into a vein to deliver a liquid medication can [MORE]

Winners of Qualcomm’s XPrize

June 6, 2017 | | Posted in Newsletter

Final Frontier XPrize Winner
After five years of competition for the Qualcomm Tricorder XPrize ($2.6m), the company announced the winner—Final Frontier [MORE]

Doppler Ultrasound to Detect Blood Clots

June 6, 2017 | | Posted in Newsletter

Sonavex Ultrasound
Doppler ultrasound generates frequencies that are amplified when a transducer moves over an artery or vein. A blockage changes [MORE]

New Artificial Lung

May 30, 2017 | | Posted in Newsletter

Artificial Lung
The heart lung machine Dr. John H. Gibbon Jr. invented and first used on a surgery patient in May [MORE]

Drug Releasing Implant that is Magnetically Triggered

April 25, 2017 | | Posted in Newsletter

Month by month, it seems, bioengineers are finding increasingly clever means for controlling drug release with implanted devices. This piece [MORE]

Lab-on-a-Chip Diagnostic Chip Can Screen Several Diseases and Cost Less Than a Penny

March 28, 2017 | | Posted in Newsletter

Lab-on-a-Chip for a Penny
Once in a while, something that’s too good to be true might actually be so, as an [MORE]

Transcranial Near-IR Spectroscopy for Locked-In ALS

March 21, 2017 | | Posted in Newsletter

Oxygen Sensor Locked-in-Syndrome
Can a “locked-in” patient suffering from advanced ALS enjoy life? The question seemed imponderable until Wyss Institute bioengineers [MORE]