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A 30 Minute to 24 Hour Dialysis Machine

November 17, 2020 | | Posted in Newsletter

Portable dialysis machine
Outset Medical (San Jose, CA) has received private capital to commercialize its “Tablo” portable dialysis machine.  But this [MORE]

CRISPR for Diagnostics

June 2, 2020 | | Posted in Newsletter

Urine testing based on CRISPR–Cas13
In this report from a collaboration between American and German biomedical researchers, “we show that a [MORE]

Gene Therapy for Delayed Aging

March 10, 2020 | | Posted in Newsletter

George M. Church
Scientists at Rejuvenate Bio (San Diego, CA), including Harvard biologist and company founder George Church, have done experiments [MORE]

Senolytics in Kidney Disease

January 21, 2020 | | Posted in Newsletter

Senescent fibroblast
“In a small safety and feasibility clinical trial, Mayo Clinic researchers have demonstrated for the first time that senescent [MORE]

AI in Predicting Kidney Disease

November 5, 2019 | | Posted in Newsletter

Kidney disease
“. . . Alphabet’s artificial intelligence lab DeepMind showed progress toward that kind of disease prediction, starting with a [MORE]

Stem Cell Growth Factors in Kidney Regeneration

August 6, 2019 | | Posted in Newsletter

Stem cell research
The Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine keeps on making dramatic discoveries about regrowing human tissues.  In this [MORE]

Kidney Cell Repair

May 28, 2019 | | Posted in Newsletter

Amniotic stem cells
Amniotic-fluid derived stem cells has several advantages over other stem cells (including embryonic stem cells) for regenerative medicine.  [MORE]

Home Urinalysis with a Smartphone

May 7, 2019 | | Posted in Newsletter

Dip.io Urinalysis Test Kit Healthy.io
An Israeli company, Healthy.io (Tel Aviv) has received FDA approval for its “Dip.io” home urinalysis kit [MORE]

Gene Editing for Kidney Disease

February 26, 2019 | | Posted in Newsletter

Cell anatomy with cilia
Joubert syndrome is a rare genetic neurological disorder that is more frequent in Ashkenazi, French Canadian and [MORE]

Death by Salt

April 17, 2018 | | Posted in Newsletter

Mazza Salt Beds Sicily
Heart attack, stroke and kidney failure collectively make up the greatest cause of human deaths.  Hypertension is a [MORE]

Death by Salt

April 10, 2018 | | Posted in Newsletter

Mazza Salt Beds Sicily
Heart attack, stroke and kidney failure collectively make up the greatest cause of human deaths.  Hypertension is [MORE]

DIY Dialysis

September 15, 2015 | | Posted in Newsletter

Outset Medical (San Jose, CA) has limited FDA approval for a new automated hemodialysis system, named “Tablo,” that the company [MORE]

Perspective on “Next Generation Sequencing”

August 18, 2015 | | Posted in Newsletter

DNA Sequencing
DNA sequencing holds great insight for predicting, diagnosing, preventing, and treating cancer, cardiovascular disease and kidney disease, but the [MORE]

Daily Monitoring of Kidney Disease at Home

May 26, 2015 | | Posted in Newsletter

Home Urine Test Using-Nanotechnology
There’s not much detail in this piece—not enough to tell whether a pregnancy test-like device that can [MORE]