Robert Miller's bio:

Robert R. Miller, Executive Director
Communications Technology Research Department
AT&T Labs

Mr. Miller currently head the Communications Technology Research Department a the AT&T Labs Shannon Laboratory, Florham Park, NJ. His department develops new concepts and technologies for next-generation AT&T wired and wireless broadband packet access systems and services.

Mr. Miller has been involved with radio and telephone networking technologies since his participation in design of Bell Labs- invented AMPS (1G) cellular phones and systems in the 1970’s. Since then, he has led R&D groups in design of contactless smart cards, digital telephones, high-performance conferencing systems and multimedia wireless systems and devices.

In his current role he has been leading research of next-generation wireless transmission technologies, small-cell intensive radio resources reuse systems to elevate wireless capacity, throughput and quality to parity with wired networks , and new broadband services for home, enterprise and public environments.

Recent work has focused on broadband radio transmission, including QoS, Radio Resources Management, and automatic system configuration advances for wireless local and neighborhood area networks.

Allied with this effort, Mr. Miller has also been active in standards development, including new IEEE 802.11/WiFi capabilities such as reservation-based QoS, the first in a series of enhancement thrusts led by AT&T to prepare wireless LANS for broadband multimedia applications including HQ voice and video.

Additionally, owing to the growing importance of “Machine-to-Machine” wireless networks for distributed sensor/control applications, he has been leading research and development of new full-networked telehealth, energy management, and other IP-based M2M services.

Mr. Miller received the AT&T Science and Technology Medal in 2004 and the AT&T Intellectual Property Achievement Award in 2008. He holds numerous patents associated with RF, signal processing, acoustics, and wireless communications systems, is a Senior Member of the IEEE, and is an AT&T Fellow as well as a Bell Laboratories Fellow.

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