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Mr. Doarn serves as the Deputy Director of the University of Cincinnati’s Advanced Center for Telemedicine and Surgical Innovation in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he is also a Research Associate Professor of Surgery and Biomedical Engineering. He also serves as the Administrative Director of an NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center on minimally invasive medical technologies. Prior to joining the faculty in Cincinnati, Mr. Doarn served as the Executive Director and co-principal investigator for NASA's Research Partnership Center for Medical Informatics and Technology Applications (MITAC), located at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Richmond. Mr. Doarn has held faculty appointments as an Associate Professor of Surgery at VCU, a lecturer at Yale University's School of Medicine, and an instructor at the International Space University. He continues to serve as adjunct faculty in the Department of Community Health (Aerospace Medicine) at Wright State University School of Medicine, Dayton, OH. Mr. Doarn is on the undergraduate honors faculty at UC.

Throughout the 1990's, Mr. Doarn served as the Program Executive for Aerospace Medicine and Telemedicine at NASA Headquarters. He was the principle author of NASA's Integrated Strategic Plan for Telemedicine and served as the lead for Telemedicine for NASA's Office of Life and Microgravity Sciences and Applications. Mr. Doarn briefed the NASA Chief Medical Officer on medical issues related to Shuttle Missions from 1992 – 1999 (over 50). Mr. Doarn has published over 60 manuscripts and a number of book chapters on telemedicine.

Mr. Doarn served on the Board of Directors for the ATA and held several key positions, including Secretary, Treasurer, and is currently the chair of the International Special Interest Group for the ATA. Mr. Doarn serves on the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Telemedicine and e-Health. He is also on the editorial boards of the Journal of International e-Health, and the Journal on Information Technology in Healthcare. Mr. Doarn is a recognized leader in telemedicine as a scholar and teacher. Mr. Doarn is a senior advisor to the Telemedicine Foundation of the Russian Government. He is also a member of the Gamma Delta Chapter of the Phi Beta Delta International Honor Society affiliated with Wright State University. Mr. Doarn served as CEO and President of OrbitalMed, LLC, a life sciences company focused on telemedicine system design, integration, and implementation.

Mr. Doarn is an Associate Fellow of the Aerospace Medical Association, a member of the American Telemedicine Association (ATA), a member of the International Society for Telemedicine, and a member of the International e-Health Association.

Mr. Doarn received his undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences from The Ohio State University with a focus on Microbiology in 1980. He received a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Dayton in 1988.

Mr. Doarn has no relevant disclosures.

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Surgical Innovation

October 29, 2007 | | Posted in Conference Abstracts 2007

The explosion of technology in information systems and telecommunications has provided new approaches for age old problems. How to get [MORE]

Surgical Innovation

The explosion of technology in information systems and telecommunications has provided new approaches for age old problems. How to [MORE]