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Bruce is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of InforMedix, Inc, and is the Founder of InforMedix. He is also the Chairman of the Board at the Institute on Aging at the University of Pennsylvania. In 2007, PharmaVOICE selected Dr. Kehr as one of the top 100 most inspirational and influential people in the life sciences industry. Dr. Kehr is a forensic consultant in neuropsychiatry and traumatic brain injury and a practicing physician. He is the inventor of fifteen issued patents and fourteen pending patents in the United States, Europe, Japan, Canada, Australia, Mexico, and South Korea, as well as issued and pending trademarks and service marks. Since 1981, Dr. Kehr has served as founder and President of Contemporary Psychiatric Services, a psychiatric group practice. He has actively written and lectured in the field of medication non-adherence, is recognized as an expert in the field of medication non-adherence, and has lectured on neuropsychiatry aspects of traumatic brain injury. Dr. Kehr received his BA from the University of Pennsylvania, followed by an MD from the Georgetown University School of Medicine.

Disclosure: Dr. Kehr is CEO and Board member for InforMedix, receives salary, and has stock options.

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