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MUSING – Automation: Meeting the Challenges of Providing High Quality Healthcare

July 30, 2013 | | Posted in Newsletter

The expected influx of millions of newly insured Americans under the new health care law will be putting a huge [MORE]

Robotic Nursing Assistant

March 5, 2013 | | Posted in Newsletter

KIRO-M5 Robot
Though this robot looks like “R2D2,” its name is “KIRO-M5” and weighs in at 176 lbs.  It can [MORE]

Technology Solutions for Long-Term Care by Daniel Wrappe

May 14, 2010 | | Posted in Expert Interviews,Resources

Daniel D. Wrappe, CEO of Wireless MedCare, LLC,  describes the common problems of long-term care – managing issues related to [MORE]

Carlisle Speaks Out on Healthcare System Restructuring

Jeffrey Carlisle, Founder and CEO of Fluidnet,  describes the disconnect of incentives in the healthcare system and how that contributes [MORE]

Iyer Sees Wireless Technology As Solution to Big Healthcare Challenges

May 5, 2010 | | Posted in Expert Interviews,Resources

Anand Iyer, PhD, President and COO,  WellDoc Communications,  describes what he see as the number one challenge in healthcare today [MORE]

MUSING – The Howze Effect

March 9, 2010 | | Posted in Ask the Experts,Musings,Newsletter

Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen coined “disruptive innovation” in 1997 to signifying something that unexpectedly changes a market.  The glucose meter, [MORE]

Join the Discussion – The Impact of Robotics on Healthcare

Christian Klit Johansen
Question:  Will robotics and automation of service task help meet the challenge of the demographic change world wide [MORE]

MUSING – Kiosk-Based Healthcare Delivery

March 2, 2010 | | Posted in Ask the Experts,Musings,Newsletter

Medication Kiosk – PharmaTrust
Kiosk-based medicine has suddenly taken a new step with the next wave in direct to consumer marketing [MORE]

Expanding Scope-of-Practice

February 16, 2010 | | Posted in Newsletter

Since Paul Starr’s classic, The Social Transformation of American Medicine (1982), described the long struggle for medical “authority,” intrusions [MORE]

The Anatomy and Physiology of Healthcare Reform: Taking Stock in American Political Theater…

Dr. Fickenscher will provide an overview of the six major forces that are precipitating the conversation on reform [MORE]

What you think is the #1 challenge in healthcare today? What medical technology can help to meet those challenges?

November 1, 2009 | | Posted in Ask the Experts,Reader's Questions

With the current raging debate about the American healthcare system, we are hearing  conflicting, sometimes contentious, and frequently emotional viewpoints. [MORE]

Storefront Clinics in a Slump

August 4, 2009 | | Posted in Newsletter

If storefront clinics were aimed at lower-cost, easier access healthcare, why are they not growing by leaps and bounds during [MORE]

Wellness Insurance

February 24, 2009 | | Posted in Newsletter

The National Business Coalition for Health has published the results of its 2008 survey assessing wellness programs among 103 health [MORE]

On-site Clinics

February 17, 2009 | | Posted in Newsletter

Retail clinics, which seemed to be growing exponentially not long ago, have slowed in their openings, but another branch of [MORE]