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Jeffrey Carlisle has a broad thirty year career in information-intensive medical systems and instruments. He has successfully led organizations with his philosophy of customer-driven relentless innovation.

As a cardiology program manager at Hewlett-Packard company, Carlisle was responsible for many innovations spanning both R&D and marketing. In 1981, he was responsible for the introduction of the PageWriter electrocardiograph. The product became the standard for all electrocardiographs and stands as one of HP’s (now Philips) more successful medical devices.

Carlisle left HP in 1985 to form NewLevel Technologies where, in partnership with Dr. Larry Weed, he sought to bring electronic medical records to the marketplace.

In 1987, Carlisle began a new business unit for C.R. Bard in cardiac electrophysiology. This was the first organization focused on the treatment of tachyarrhythmias, leading to advances in cardiac mapping and ablation.

In 1991, Carlisle managed the development of a peritoneal dialysis device, which was very successfully marketed by Baxter International. Carlisle developed and championed a novel user interface that was dramatically easier to use and respectful of the patient and patient’s family.

Mr. Carlisle developed his first patent for an IV pump in 1976 while working with Harvard Apparatus. Twenty years later, Carlisle founded FluidSense Corporation and was responsible for over twenty inventions that were at the core of the FluidSense infusion pump. Mr. Carlisle was the driving force behind the creation of a totally customer-centric environment. A subsequent company, Fluidnet Corporation, was founded by Carlisle in 2002 with the purpose of improving nurse efficiency and patient safety. A new product family is planned for release in 2009.

Mr. Carlisle earned a Sc. B. degree in Applied Mathematics and Biology at Brown University. He has written in 14 computer languages and provided leadership in designs for software, mechanical devices, algorithms, fluidics, materials, and user interfaces.

Disclosure: Mr. Carlisle is Founder and CEO of Fluidnet and has equity.

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