Alan Dappen's bio:

Dr. Alan Dappen graduated from the University of Washington Medical School in 1979. He completed his Family Medicine residency in 1983 at the University of California, Davis program in Modesto, California. A year later, he completed a Song-Brown Fellowship , and then finished coursework in Family Therapy in 1989. He has remained Board-certified in Family Medicine since 1983. Alan has practiced medicine in California, Kenya, Mexico, and since 1992, in Vienna, VA. He is an Associate Clinical Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, Department of Family Practice, and recently became a graduate of Leadership Fairfax. Alan has published medical journal articles on diverse topics, including malaria, nutrition, and smoking. Thanks to his years living abroad, he speaks Spanish fluently. Alan is the founder of DocTalker Family Medicine and doctokr Inc.

Alan Dappen's posts:

Telemedicine Brings Efficiency to Primary Care

September 21, 2010 | | Posted in Expert Interviews,Resources

Dr. Alan Dappen Founder of DocTalker Family Medicine and doctokr, Inc. describes an innovative, responsive, primary care practice that uses [MORE]

Telemedicine: The Reality of the Most Overlooked Tool of Healthcare – Challenging The Mandatory Face-to-Face Visit

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