New Material for Soft Tissue Engineering

March 30, 2021 | | Posted in Newsletter

New thermoplastic biomaterials
Elasticity and biodegradability are to properties that are difficult to engineer together.  In this piece, a collaboration of [MORE]

Magnetically Controlled Microrobots

February 16, 2021 | | Posted in Newsletter

Mechanically interlocked 3D multi-material micromachines
Engineers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) have developed microbots that can swim [MORE]

Fibronectin (FN)-Based Nanomechanical Biosensor

January 26, 2021 | | Posted in Newsletter

3D Printing a mini human heart
To 3D print an artificial heart, the material has to show elasticity as does a [MORE]

Biopolymer Hydrogel in Probing Micromechanics

January 26, 2021 | | Posted in Newsletter

Biopolymer Hydrogel in Probing Micromechanics
Biophysicists at the University of Exeter UK reported: “we investigate this question using gelatin as a [MORE]

Gold Nanotubes in Treating Mesothelioma

January 12, 2021 | | Posted in Newsletter

Golden nanotubes deliver drugs to treat cancer
From University of Cambridge: “Gold nanotubes (AuNTs) represent an intriguing subset of 1D nanomaterials. [MORE]

More on Bioprinting Organoids

December 22, 2020 | | Posted in Newsletter

Aspiration-assisted freeform bioprinting process
From Penn State bioengineers: “we demonstrate 3D aspiration-assisted freeform bioprinting of tissue spheroids by precisely positioning them [MORE]

Flexible Heart Catheters

November 10, 2020 | | Posted in Newsletter

Electronic- cardiac catheter
“[R]esearchers [at George Washington and Northwestern Universities] have developed a new type of catheter that conforms well with [MORE]

Laser Pulsing Propels Micro-Robot through GIT

November 3, 2020 | | Posted in Newsletter

Micro-robot uses laser pulses to move thru the body
Fantastic Voyage, the 1966 film about a miniature submarine swimming through the [MORE]

Better Anchoring of Hip Prosthetics

September 29, 2020 | | Posted in Newsletter

Polymer coating for metal prosthetics
Steel prosthetics for the hip, jaw, knee and tooth can fail if they do not promote [MORE]

Atomic Imaging of Tooth Enamel

September 1, 2020 | | Posted in Newsletter

Finding tiny chemical flaws in tooth enamel
Materials scientists as Northwestern University had experience with atom probe tomography, while those at [MORE]

Electrochemical Face Masks

August 18, 2020 | | Posted in Newsletter

Electrical anti-viral face mask
Indiana University engineers have shown how a new material can provide superior control of viral particles.  “The [MORE]

Regenerating Tendon and Ligament Tissue

June 23, 2020 | | Posted in Newsletter

Muscles and tendons of the arm and leg:
Ligaments and tendons are complicated tissues, with blood vessels, nerves, and lymphatic vessels [MORE]

Nanosheet in Creating Artificial Antibodies

June 23, 2020 | | Posted in Newsletter

A molecular model of the artificial antibody system.
On a hill overlooking the University of California campus in Berkeley, the Lawrence [MORE]

Artificial Human Tissues

June 23, 2020 | | Posted in Newsletter

Nanostructured material could replace human tissue
It would be useful, indeed, if a synthetic material could function in worn out knees, [MORE]