Hydrogel for Removing Kidney Stone Fragments

June 21, 2022 | | Posted in Newsletter

Hydrogel with small fragments of kidney stones
“Kidney stones are often removed via an endoscopic procedure. If a stone is too [MORE]

Wireless, Wearable ECG Device

June 14, 2022 | | Posted in Newsletter

Folding Design Leads to Heart Sensor with Smaller Profile
“This study develops a breathable, stretchable sensor sheet by employing a kirigami [MORE]

A Biomimetic Retina

May 10, 2022 | | Posted in Newsletter

A flexible capacitive photoreceptor for the biomimetic retina
“There is a dire need for devices to mimic the retina’s photoreceptors that [MORE]

Surgical “Duct Tape”

April 26, 2022 | | Posted in Newsletter

Surgical Duct Tape Quickly Seals Intestinal Leaks
“Researchers at MIT have created a surgical tape that can seal leaks and tears [MORE]

Autonomous Flexing Artificial Muscle

April 12, 2022 | | Posted in Newsletter

An Autonomous Chemically Fueled Artificial Protein Muscle
From Albert-Ludwigs-Universitat, Freiburg, Germany: “Herein, an artificial protein muscle is introduced, exerting rhythmic autonomous [MORE]

Copper with Enhanced Bactericide Effect

March 1, 2022 | | Posted in Newsletter

Novel Copper Surface Shows Exceptional Bactericidal Efficacy
“We [bioengineers at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology] report the development of a [MORE]

Considerations for Transporting Organs

March 1, 2022 | | Posted in Newsletter

Paragonix Leads Organ Transportation with Liver and Heart Milestones
“The Paragonix SherpaPak CTS protects donor hearts with its rigid, sterile container [MORE]

Injectable, Resilient Hydrogels

February 22, 2022 | | Posted in Newsletter

Synthetic tissue can repair hearts, muscles, and vocal cords
“When tested in biomimetic perfusion bioreactors, the hydrogels maintain physical integrity under [MORE]

Bioprinting with Voxels

February 1, 2022 | | Posted in Newsletter

Technique to streamline 3D printing
“At the University of Virginia researchers developed a new bioprinting technique based on voxels. Voxels are [MORE]

A Novel Sweat-Collecting Patch

January 18, 2022 | | Posted in Newsletter

Cactus Spine-Inspired Sweat Collection Technology
“A team of researchers at the Pohang University of Science & Technology in South Korea created [MORE]

“Automated Discovery:” Artificial Intelligence Applied to 3D Printing

December 14, 2021 | | Posted in Newsletter

Scientist apply AI to 3D printing
“We [MIT] propose a machine learning approach to accelerating the discovery of additive manufacturing materials [MORE]

Growing Pancreatic Organoids

November 23, 2021 | | Posted in Newsletter

MIT Pancreatic organoids
“The gel they [engineers at MIT] developed is based on polyethylene glycol (PEG), a polymer that is often [MORE]

Intestinal Surgery Sealant

November 9, 2021 | | Posted in Newsletter

Hermann and Anthis developed internal patch for intestine
From bioengineers at the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology comes [MORE]

Stretchable Biosensors for Surgery and Imaging

August 31, 2021 | | Posted in Newsletter

Poroelastic biosensor for epicardial recording and imaging
“[We; material scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory and Purdue University] report sponge-like poroelastic [MORE]