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Urine Test for Bladder Cancer

October 22, 2019 | | Posted in Newsletter

Continuous culture
From a collaboration between cancer researchers at Georgetown University and Fudan University, this piece explains how a “conditional reprogramming” [MORE]

An Artificial Photoreceptor in the Eye

May 1, 2018 | | Posted in Newsletter

Photoreceptor for the Eye
Scientists at Fudan University in Shanghai have created an artificial photoreceptor that restored vision in blind mice. [MORE]

A Hydroelectric Power Plant in Your Blood Vessels

October 3, 2017 | | Posted in Newsletter

Blood Vessel
Bioengineers at Fudan University (Shanghai) have built what they call a “fiber shaped fluidic nanogenerator” which is small enough [MORE]

Salt Powered Implantable Batteries

October 3, 2017 | | Posted in Newsletter

Salt Powered Implantable Battery
Lithium-ion batteries have limitations for implantable devices because of the potentially toxic chemicals that power them. In [MORE]