Micro-3D Imaging for Blood Vessels

September 15, 2020 | | Posted in Newsletter

Ultrathin 3D printed endoscope imaging an artery
“A team of researchers led by the University of Adelaide and University of Stuttgart [MORE]

Laser Printed Blood Vessels

September 8, 2020 | | Posted in Newsletter

Blood vessels 3D printed with sugar
Imagine a 3D filigree submerges in a mixture of cells and hydrogel.  The filigree is [MORE]

3D Printing a Human Heart Pump

September 1, 2020 | | Posted in Newsletter

3D Printed heart
“Scientists at the University of Minnesota have 3D printed a beating heart muscle ‘pump’ consisting of pluripotent stem [MORE]

3D Printed Elastomers for Cartilage

August 25, 2020 | | Posted in Newsletter

Printed liquid crystal elastomers

“Researchers at the University of Colorado Denver have developed a method to 3D print liquid crystal elastomers [MORE]

Customizable Bio-Ink for Organ Printing

June 9, 2020 | | Posted in Newsletter

BioInk to print living cells
Rutgers University bioengineers have devised means for 3D tissue printing that affords custom environments for different [MORE]

Ultra-Precise 3D Printing

June 2, 2020 | | Posted in Newsletter

Professor Shih-Chi Chen with Ultraprecise 3-D printing technology
All of us had a mind’s eye picture of a 3D printer moving [MORE]

3D Printing of Bioactive Devices

May 19, 2020 | | Posted in Newsletter

3D Printed hyperelastic bone
It’s a good thing a picture is worth a thousand words, as this first piece about 3D [MORE]

Printing Tissue Inside a Wound

May 12, 2020 | | Posted in Newsletter

Replacing tissue inside wounds
“. . . [R]esearchers at the University of Connecticut have developed a bioprinter that deposits a biocompatible [MORE]

Video of 3D Printer Making Skin

May 5, 2020 | | Posted in Newsletter

Hand-held 3D printer of sheets of skin
Engineers at the University of Toronto have built a 3D printer, using bioink, to [MORE]

Femtosecond Speed for 3 D Printing

March 17, 2020 | | Posted in Newsletter

Two-photon lithography technology
3D printing is a relatively slow miracle; so engineers at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the [MORE]

Printing Vascularized Skin

March 10, 2020 | | Posted in Newsletter

Bioprinting vascularized skin
3D printing of vascularized skin is now possible, according to researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  They “show that [MORE]

Printing an Adult-Sized Human Heart

November 19, 2019 | | Posted in Newsletter

Rebuilding the human hear
Carnegie Mellon University researchers report “a method to 3D-bioprint collagen using freeform reversible embedding of suspended hydrogels [MORE]

3D Printed Air Sacs Mimic Lungs

September 24, 2019 | | Posted in Newsletter

3D printed lung air sac
Using technology named “Stereolithographic Apparatus for Tissue Engineering” a Rice University lab has 3D-printed a life-like [MORE]

Printing Tissues in Space

September 17, 2019 | | Posted in Newsletter

Bone print
Travel to Mars and back is a timeframe of years.  So what happens if a medical emergency, like burns [MORE]