2011 Conference Overview


“The Automated Health System”

Friday December 2, 2011 from 8 AM – 4 PM

Washington Dulles Airport Marriott

Program description

Health care providers aspire to the same operational goals as other kinds of organized endeavor: reduced errors, increased safety, increased systems reliability, reduced training, better maintainability, increased efficiency and productivity, improved working environment, greater convenience, rising satisfaction for staff and customers alike.  But while other industries-of note, communications, computation, mass retailing, and pharmaceuticals-have pursued automated solutions and new markets, health care providers have been slow to take up streamlining and outreach strategies.  Inventor and humorist Jeffrey Carlyle, who spoke at an earlier conference, touched a nerve with his remark: “We love innovation so long as it’s nothing new.”

Healthcare reform, however, now forces innovation. Solutions need not be draconian; indeed, simple solutions abound for leaders who truly want their operations to be increasingly efficient, effective and equitable.   This one-day conference will present innovative solutions. For example, how:

  • hospitals create a 50% improvement in patient satisfaction without increasing costs?
  • a medications delivery robot could perform the work of 4.2 FTE’s at $2.85/hour with a 14% improvement in the right medicine being robotically delivered to the right patient at the right time
  • automated emergency rooms, laboratories, pharmacies, and nursing assistants can improve rapid care quality at vastly reduced costs
  • to implement beginning of life and end of life technology that enable wellness

Learning objectives

  • Describe novel automation strategies in health care
  • Explore outreach approaches including passive telemonitoring, telehouse-call, and tele-prescribing
  • Develop automation of wellness-based information and data mining
  • Discover the benefits of geriatric and pediatric technology-enabled wellness program

Who should attend

“C” level healthcare executive, clinical department chairs, healthcare entrepreneurs, and healthcare innovators.


Center for Life Sciences Automation, The University of Rostock,   Germany         

Medical Robotics, LLC