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Liquid Metal Nanoparticles for Phototherapy

October 17, 2023 | | Posted in Newsletter

Liquid Metal Nanoparticles Used in Photoimmunotherapy
“Liquid metals are a new type of material with unique properties. Pure gallium (Ga) and [MORE]

mRNA Loaded Lipid Nanoparticles in Gene Editing

October 17, 2023 | | Posted in Newsletter

A step toward stem cell engineering in Vivo
“Breda et al. [Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia] designed a strategy to reprogram bone [MORE]

Nano-Tattoos for Individual Cells

October 17, 2023 | | Posted in Newsletter

First-of-its-kind nanoscale ‘tattoo’ attaches to individual cells
“Researchers have created a nanoscale electronic ‘tattoo’ sensor that can attach to a live, [MORE]

Eyeball Generation

October 3, 2023 | | Posted in Newsletter

Nanotech used to grow eye cells as a potential treatment for blindness
“Researchers have used 3D nanotechnology to successfully grow human [MORE]

Detecting Neurodegenerative Biomakrers

September 19, 2023 | | Posted in Newsletter

Coupled plasmonic infrared sensor for detection of structural protein biomarkers in neurodegenerative disease
“We [at EPFL Lausanne, CH) developed an immunoassay-coupled [MORE]

Light-Activated Molecular Machines

September 12, 2023 | | Posted in Newsletter

Light-activated molecular machines get cells ‘talking’
“Rice University scientists have used light-activated molecular machines to trigger intercellular calcium wave signals, revealing [MORE]

Implantable “Fuel Cell” for Managing T1D

June 27, 2023 | | Posted in Newsletter

Blood-glucose-powered metabolic fuel cell for self-sufficient bioelectronics
“Here [from engineers at ETH Zurich], capitalizing on a new copper-containing, conductively tuned 3D [MORE]

Magnetic Tweezers for Examining DNA Repair

May 2, 2023 | | Posted in Newsletter

APLF and long non-coding RNA NIHCOLE promote stable DNA synapsis in non-homologous end joining
“Here, we [the National Biotechnology Center of [MORE]

Nanotherapy for Blood Clots

May 2, 2023 | | Posted in Newsletter

Nanotherapy prevents both arterial and venous thrombosis
“Researchers from University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center and Case Western Reserve University (both OH, [MORE]

Infusible Extracellular Matrix

April 25, 2023 | | Posted in Newsletter

This Injectable Biomaterial Heals Tissues From the Inside Out
“Researchers in Christman’s lab [at the University of California San Diego] started [MORE]

Molecular Fingerprints of Disease in Tears

October 11, 2022 | | Posted in Newsletter

A new technology uses human teardrops to spot disease
Chinese scientists at Wenzlou Medical University have    “devised a new way to [MORE]

Altering Gene Expression with Gold Nanorods and an NIR Laser

September 27, 2022 | | Posted in Newsletter

Altering Gene Expression with Gold Nanorods and an NIR Laser
Japanese scientists have used lipid coated gold nanorods to deliver a [MORE]

Wearable Raman Spectroscopy Sensor

August 30, 2022 | | Posted in Newsletter

Highly Scalable, Wearable Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
Bioengineers at the University of Tokyo report “a highly scalable, wearable SERS [surface enhanced Raman [MORE]

DNA Nanochannels in Artificial Membranes

July 19, 2022 | | Posted in Newsletter

Protein-transporting membrane channel made of DNA
From researchers at Arizona State University: “we describe a synthetic channel that allows precisely timed, [MORE]