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Improved Algorithm for Diagnosing Brain Disorders

August 3, 2021 | | Posted in Newsletter

Period-based Artifact Reconstruction and Removal Method (PARRM)
“[Researchers at Brown University] develop a method, termed Period-based Artifact Reconstruction and Removal Method [MORE]

The Human Salivary Proteome Wiki

August 3, 2021 | | Posted in Newsletter

diagram shows the interconnectedness of the thousands of salivary proteins
“A new digital platform, developed by researchers at the University at [MORE]

AI Outperforms Doctors in Predicting Heart Conditions

July 27, 2021 | | Posted in Newsletter

“In a human versus AI study, researchers found that the technology was much more effective at predicting which coronavirus patients [MORE]

Electrochemical Device for Rapid Detection of SARS-CoV-2

July 27, 2021 | | Posted in Newsletter

One second COVID test
“Researchers at the University of Florida and the National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan have developed a [MORE]

Hand Held PCR Device

June 15, 2021 | | Posted in Newsletter

MYRTA – handheld device for PCR
Lincoln, Nebraska “Materials and Machines Corporation (MatMaCorp) has introduced its new handheld device MY Real-Time [MORE]

Digital PCR Diagnosis of Cancer

June 8, 2021 | | Posted in Newsletter

Researchers  Mikheikin, Reed, Koeblye developed cheaper system  for DNA sequencing
“More accurate but less-costly cancer diagnostics are the Holy Grail of [MORE]

Automated Western Blotting

May 25, 2021 | | Posted in Newsletter

An Automated Age for Western Blotting
This piece discusses an automated capillary electrophoresis process the “We Met” lab at the University [MORE]

Diagnostic Patch Gathers Biomarkers

April 13, 2021 | | Posted in Newsletter

Srikanth Micro Needle Patch
Engineers at Washington University in St. Louis “. . . report the use of a microneedle patch [MORE]

Breath Analysis for Breast Cancer and Its Subtypes

March 30, 2021 | | Posted in Newsletter

Electronic nose for breath analysis
Exhaled breath has some 2,500 chemicals that are potential biomarkers for diseases.  To discover biomarker profiles [MORE]

Urine Test for Asthma

March 23, 2021 | | Posted in Newsletter

Urine testing for asthma
Using mass spectrometry, a research group headed at the Karolinska Institutet has been able to sort out [MORE]

Cortisol in Hair as a Biomarker for Diagnosis

March 23, 2021 | | Posted in Newsletter

Measuring stress levels by analyzing cortisol in hair
“In a new study out of Linkoping University in Sweden, a team examined [MORE]

Continuous Blood Monitoring

February 23, 2021 | | Posted in Newsletter

RT-ELISA prototype for blood monitoring
“The innovative new system has been dubbed by the researchers [at Stanford University] Real-time ELISA (RT-ELISA). [MORE]

Hand Held Infrared Spectroscopy Device

February 23, 2021 | | Posted in Newsletter

Chemist Igor Lednev displays portable Raman spectrometer
“Forensic chemistry is an important area of analytical chemistry. This field has been rapidly [MORE]

Micro-qPCR Chip for Pathogen ID (including SARS CoV)

February 16, 2021 | | Posted in Newsletter

Silicon based micro qPCR Chip
From bioengineers at Imperial College London: “we report a disposable silicon-based integrated Point-of-Need transducer (TriSilix) for [MORE]