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Autonomous Flexing Artificial Muscle

April 12, 2022 | | Posted in Newsletter

An Autonomous Chemically Fueled Artificial Protein Muscle
From Albert-Ludwigs-Universitat, Freiburg, Germany: “Herein, an artificial protein muscle is introduced, exerting rhythmic autonomous [MORE]

Programmable Fibers for Artificial Muscle

December 17, 2019 | | Posted in Newsletter

Artificial muscle that curlswhen warmed
Artificial muscles are of interest in both industrial (robotic) and medical (prosthetic) technology.  On that subject, [MORE]

Glucose Powered Artificial Muscle

September 10, 2019 | | Posted in Newsletter

Artificial muscle
“Scientists at Linköping University have blurred the line between robot and organism by developing an artificial muscle that runs [MORE]

Wearable Robot Helps with Replaced Hips

February 27, 2018 | | Posted in Newsletter

Wearable Robot to Assist Ambulation
Using plasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and mesh electrode-based soft actuators, bioengineers at Shinshu University (Nagano Prefecture [MORE]

Self-Healing Artificial Muscle

June 7, 2016 | | Posted in Newsletter

Stretchable, Self-Healing Polymer
For a synthetic material to mimic human muscle, it must be flexible, self-healing, stable at normal temperatures, and [MORE]

First Lab-Grown Contracting Muscle

February 3, 2015 | | Posted in Newsletter

Lab Grown Human Muscle
Bioengineers at Duke University took human stem cells that had progressed to being myogenic precursors and [MORE]

Artificial Muscle from Carbon Nanotubes

June 5, 2012 | | Posted in Newsletter

Originating from a DARPA project, researchers at the University of Texas (Dallas) Nano Tech Institute have created hollow carbon [MORE]