MRI Mapping of Carotid Artery Plaque to Predict Stroke

October 10, 2017 | | Posted in Newsletter

MRI Based on T2 Mapping
An MRI scan can determine the size of a plaque in the carotid arteries, but cannot [MORE]

Europium-Doped Gadolinium Oxide Nanorods for Imaging and Therapy

August 15, 2017 | | Posted in Newsletter

Imaging Cancer
Reporting in the journal NANO, Indian chemists describe how they made silica-coated europium-doped gadolinium oxide nanorods for dual imaging [MORE]

MRI/PET Imaging Using Dual Agents with Time of Flight Capability

August 8, 2017 | | Posted in Newsletter

Dual Agent PET and MRI
Two injected radioagents– fluorine-18 fluorodeoxyglucose (18F-FDG) and 18F-sodium fluoride (18F-NaF)—followed by quantitative MRI/PET scanning, produces better [MORE]

MR Guided Focused Ultrasound for Surgery

May 30, 2017 | | Posted in Newsletter

Insightec’s Exablate Neuro
Beyond minimally invasive surgery there is non-invasive surgery, as this piece describes: “By focusing ultrasound waves on a [MORE]

MRI Powered Gun for Tissue Penetration

May 23, 2017 | | Posted in Newsletter

Gauss Gun
According to this piece, MRI machines generate enough electromagnetic energy to move swarms of micro robots though the body [MORE]

Automated Analysis of MRI Images

April 11, 2017 | | Posted in Newsletter

Raw Data Collected from dGEMRIC MRI Protocol
It’s not uncommon for a woman to get an MRI for breast cancer and [MORE]

“Fingerprinting” the Brain

January 24, 2017 | | Posted in Newsletter

Carnegie Mellon Hackathon
Quoting directly: “A research team led by Carnegie Mellon University used diffusion MRI to measure the local connectome [MORE]

“Atrial 4-D Flow CMR”

November 8, 2016 | | Posted in Newsletter

Cardiac Imaging
Besides the unsettling fear from an irregular heartbeat, atrial fibrillation increases a patient’s stroke risk. To gage that risk, [MORE]

Ooops!! A Major Flaw in fMRI Data

October 11, 2016 | | Posted in Newsletter

The brain imaging technology known as functional MRI (fMRI) works by measuring blood flow in the brain, with spatial corrections [MORE]

“Deep Learning” AI for Reading X-ray Images

May 17, 2016 | | Posted in Newsletter

Artificial Intelligence
“Deep Learning” in medical diagnosis applies to many technologies. First, a large study set is computer analyzed to find [MORE]

Biopsy Robot

March 22, 2016 | | Posted in Newsletter

Dutch engineers at the University of Twente are experimenting with combined MRI and ultrasound imaging to guide a biopsy robot. [MORE]

Magnetic Millirobots for Treating Hydrocephalus

September 15, 2015 | | Posted in Newsletter

Medical Millirobots
University of Houston: “Seeking to advance minimally invasive medical treatments, researchers have proposed using tiny robots, driven by magnetic [MORE]

Self-Assembling Nanoparticles that Target Tumors

October 14, 2014 | | Posted in Newsletter

Self-Assembling Nanoparticles
You’ll have to go to the published study to get the exact details of this piece, but researcher at [MORE]

“Painting,” Seeing and Excising Glioblastomas

November 12, 2013 | | Posted in Newsletter

Intracranial robot prototype
There are three stories here about new neurosurgical techniques aimed at treating one of the deadliest cancers, [MORE]