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Perspective on “Collaborative Robots”

December 3, 2019 | | Posted in Newsletter

HighRes robotic system
This piece has an interview with the CEO of HighRes Biosolutions (Beverly, MA) about robotics in laboratory automation [MORE]

AI Aids Automatic Molecular Imaging

December 11, 2018 | | Posted in Newsletter

Single molecule imaging
Japanese scientists have used fluorescent labeling microscopy and artificial intelligence to identify and locate single molecules in living [MORE]

Microfluidics for Cell Culture

January 9, 2018 | | Posted in Newsletter

Microfluidic Applications Labs-on-Chips
Lab-on-a-chip (LOC) devices are an evolving technology, often with divergence between performance and possibilities. This piece offers a [MORE]

Automated Stem Cell Prep

January 2, 2018 | | Posted in Newsletter

3D Cell Models Form in Hanging Droplets
This piece has an old idea in a new “package.” The old idea is [MORE]

Lab Automation in a Nutshell

August 8, 2017 | | Posted in Newsletter

Lab Automation
This piece is a masterpiece infographic—about the history, issues, costs and benefits of laboratory automation, leaving us wishing for [MORE]

Philips’ Digital Pathology Slide Reader Now FDA Cleared

June 6, 2017 | | Posted in Newsletter

Philips IntelliSite Pathology Solution
“The FDA has granted Philips the first regulatory clearance for a whole slide imaging digital pathology system [MORE]

Speeding Up Peptide Synthesis

May 2, 2017 | | Posted in Newsletter

MIT Peptide Synthesizer
One of the Smithsonian’s icons of molecular medicine is Bruce Merrifield’s original peptide synthesizer of 1963. By attaching [MORE]

Automated Extraction of Nucleic Acids

January 10, 2017 | | Posted in Newsletter

Paris-based bioMerieux has announced CE mark approval for its “eMAG” automated nucleic acids extractor. The machine can process 48 sample [MORE]

Automating Patch Clamping

December 13, 2016 | | Posted in Newsletter

Among the several “omics” of molecular biology is channelomics which refers to ion channels in all cellular membranes. Channelopathies are [MORE]

Automated Immunofluorescent Microscope is FDA Approved

September 6, 2016 | | Posted in Newsletter

In early July, the FDA approved Immuno Concepts’ (Sacramento, CA) “Image Navigator” automated microscope which scans slides for immunofluorescent anti-nuclear [MORE]

The Microfluidics “Revolution”

March 29, 2016 | | Posted in Newsletter

Droplet Chip Photo Wang-Lab- JHU
By now, bio-medical laboratories should have moved to storage their mass spectrometers, flow cytometers, and blood [MORE]

Testing-Robot for Drug-Protein Interactions

March 15, 2016 | | Posted in Newsletter

While molecular diagnostics lead the way in “patient discovery,” drug discovery proceeds with predicting interactions between drugs and their protein [MORE]

“LabCorp in a Box”

February 23, 2016 | | Posted in Newsletter

Maverick Detection System
Typical blood testing for general health covers about 35 assays for kidney function, electrolytes and minerals, liver functions, [MORE]

Roche’s Automated Staining Machine

January 5, 2016 | | Posted in Newsletter

Hematoxylin, an extract derived from logwood, and eosine, a potassium salt, have been the workhorses for preparing pathology [MORE]