World’s First Portable Whole-Body CT Scanner

February 7, 2017 | | Posted in Newsletter

Body Tom Portable CT
As this piece describes it: “BodyTom, the world’s first portable, full-body, 32-slice CT scanner, is a multi-departmental [MORE]

Rise of Microhospitals

September 6, 2016 | | Posted in Newsletter

SCLHealth Microhospital
In the hospital industry, inpatient admissions are dropping and outpatient numbers are rising. This is partly due to dramatic [MORE]

Geisinger’s Refund Policy

May 31, 2016 | | Posted in Newsletter

Tagline’s usual beat is medicine’s science and technology, which this story doesn’t address. Rather it speaks to the art of [MORE]

“Digital Immunity” to Cyber Viruses

May 24, 2016 | | Posted in Newsletter

Mike Ahmadi, Global Director
Robbers used to hit banks because “that’s where the money is.” Now they target hospitals for the [MORE]

Important Indicators of Healthcare Businesses

October 20, 2015 | | Posted in Newsletter

Population Health
While Tagline mainly looks for science and technology news, economic trends in the healthcare sector can advance, retard, cushion [MORE]

Cobots Are Coming

October 6, 2015 | | Posted in Newsletter

Enon Robot Personal Assistant
Healthcare is different from most other kinds of work because the object of attention—the patient—is alive. Nevertheless, [MORE]

Issues and Insurers

September 29, 2015 | | Posted in Newsletter

Health Insurance
Becker’s Hospital Review is a useful source for healthcare business news. Moreover, it really excels at “list making”—i.e. stating [MORE]

Hospitals’ Property Tax Exemption

September 22, 2015 | | Posted in Newsletter

This piece is not our usual subject matter, but it does impact an enormous sector of healthcare. Most hospitals in [MORE]

A Highly Flexible Surgical Laparoscope

July 7, 2015 | | Posted in Newsletter

Minimally invasive surgery could become much more effective if surgeons had laparoscope that could be made to flex in different [MORE]

Perspective on Telemedicine

June 23, 2015 | | Posted in Newsletter

It may be that the Affordable Care Act has now pushed telemedicine to its “tipping point.” By promoting alternative payment [MORE]

Cooking Robots—for Hospital Food Service?

June 16, 2015 | | Posted in Newsletter

This piece says nothing about another aspect of the autonomous hospital—food preparation. But a British company has developed a robotic [MORE]

The Autonomous Hotel Model for Hospitals

April 14, 2015 | | Posted in Newsletter

Robotic Hotel Japan
This summer, when the 72 room Henn-na Hotel opens in Sasebo, Japan, a double will cost $76 per [MORE]

Automated Delivery Carts

February 17, 2015 | | Posted in Newsletter

AGC Cart
Hospital automation has the same potential as the US Navy’s autonomous aircraft carrier: i.e. a roughly ten-fold reduction in [MORE]

Telepharmacy Service for Hospitals

February 10, 2015 | | Posted in Newsletter

PipelineRx Servicemap
Two things about telemedicine are clear: the benefits are obvious, and the implementation is slow. This piece describes the [MORE]