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Low-Tech Solutions for the Chronically Ill

September 13, 2010 | | Posted in Expert Interviews,Resources

Anand K. Iyer, Ph.D., President and COO, WellDoc Communications, Inc. describes what he sees as the number one challenge in [MORE]

National Telemedicine Initiatives

June 23, 2009 | | Posted in Newsletter

In a broad review of telemedicine applications, researchers Rashid Bashshur (Univ. of Michigan) and Gary Shannon (Univ. of Kentucky) have [MORE]

Medical Bankruptcies: “Unless You Are Warren Buffett…”

June 9, 2009 | | Posted in Newsletter

 The mortgage melt-down and personal bankruptcy crisis may not be due fully to borrowers’ risky behavior.  A recent study reports [MORE]

Business-Savvy Nursing

March 17, 2009 | | Posted in Newsletter

Insurance company United Health Group (Minnetonka, MN) believes that nurses should be more aware of the healthcare business-beyond care-giving-and, last [MORE]