2008 Conference Overview

It is not simply the upward spiral of healthcare costs that make electronic monitoring and telehealth solutions compelling; they offer more effective care while supporting users’ financial security. An elder or a disabled young adult can rely on electronic means to track the quality of their sleep, follow vital signs, assist with medication adherence, and send alarms for help-while they maintain “normal” independent living. MedAuto08 will address three scenarios-seniors living at risk in their own homes, chronic disease patients who need close monitoring for medication adherence, and crisis management, and severely disabled veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars-for electronic solutions that are more effective, efficient, and equitable.

Who should attend…..

  • Hospital administrators considering the purchase of advanced technology
  • Company executives looking for marketing approaches to today’s medical systems
  • Health practitioners who wish to improve patient outcomes while increasing efficiency and profitability
  • Others interested in medical automation technology