2007 Information for Sponsors


National Conference Center
Loudoun County, Virginia, USA

Lead Supporters:

Loudoun County Board of Supervisors

Organizer:, an international
non-profit educational organization

The 3 prime objectives of Medical Automation are to:
· Analyze best care practices in various international settings
· Assure that only cost savings and quality improving measures are promulgated
· Establish a web-based repository for health technologies information

Annual International Conference Program

This year’s conference theme will be “Vital Signs: Saving Lives, Cutting Costs.” The principal topics of the conference will focus on technologies that have demonstrated a positive return on investment and/or significant error reductions. Specific topics will include wireless, robotic, computer, and informatics technologies and devices, as well as, processes that revolutionize the integrated delivery of medical care. A series of plenary lectures, panel discussions, and workshops will explore the growing outreach and telemedicine paradigm for health care delivery. Registrants will learn about wellness and preventative medicine and how they will yield significant savings to our rapidly aging population.


Doctors, health administrators, nurses, laboratory, and other health care professionals who are decision makers in their organization and have a desire to purchase technology, automate their institutions, and implement “lean” processes to realize improved patient outcomes, and cost savings.


Medical Automation shall conduct an annual survey in the form of a quiz with a premium reward in order to assess the current knowledge and principal products sought by our audience. The survey response will be made available to sponsors.

Conference Focus

Attendees are interested in:
· Automation of patient, resource, and supply chain inventory; scheduling and tracking.
· Nursing, pharmacy, surgery, and laboratory assist technologies.
· The distributed medical record using digital objects.
· Automated patient education, training, and testing.
· Reducing medical-legal events through automation.
· Wearable computing and health monitoring.
· Telehealth, Telediagnostics, and Telemedicine.

Benefits of Sponsorship

We are again seeking your sponsorship for this important event. In exchange for your donation, Medical Automation will:
· Provide your company with maximum exposure, free registrations, discount booth opportunities, and year-long branding opportunities.
· Provide timely and high-quality evidence and information to help health care providers develop lean and efficient health care systems.
· Raise awareness and commitment of health care providers to invest in and share the results of cost savings and quality-improving health delivery methods.
· Collect, analyze, and distil knowledge which will make a significant contribution to the improvement of health-efficiency technology.
· Publish the contents of its educational programs so that health providers worldwide can take advantage of evolving best practices.
· Expand the network of medical automation experts worldwide.

Sponsor Levels

Principal Supporter $ 90,000
Logo on conference bags, promotional materials, name badges, the front cover of the program, free booth, 5 free registrations, and significant web presence.
Platinum Supporter $ 50,000
Logo on conference bags, name badges, the front cover of the program, free booth, 5 free registrations, and significant web presence.
Gold Supporters $ 25,000
Logo on conference bags, the front cover of the program, 50% booth discount, 2 free registrations, and significant web presence.
Exclusive Reception Supporter $ 25,000
Logo on the front cover of the program, prominent recognition at the reception, 50% booth discount, 2 free registration, and significant web presence.
Silver supporter $ 8,000
Logo on the front cover of the program, 2 free registrations

Industry Supported Workshops

Slots for pre-conference industry supported workshops will be available initially to conference supporters (slots available on a first-come first-served basis). Industrial representatives have the opportunity to present their technology and its benefits to individuals who register for these events.

Trade Show and Exhibition

A commercial trade show and exhibition will be open throughout the conference. This will provide the opportunity for exhibitors to give hands on demonstrations of their technology to consumers, collaborating companies, and government agencies.
Physicians and medical providers of the twenty-first century have at their disposal an overwhelming abundance of new technologies, however, the challenge now becomes how best to select and implement the new technologies for effective and efficient patient treatment. The primary goal is to bring order and objectivity to a rapidly changing and potentially chaotic arena, as well as, to ease the transition into the new age of automated medicine.

Distinguished Scientific Advisory Board

Pierangelo Bonini, MD, PhD, Professor, Clinical Biochemistry, University SanRaffaele
of Milan, Italy
B. Alton Brantley, MD, PhD, Cardinal Consulting
Cindy Eddins Collier, MHA, MSA, CPA/ABV, CVA, CMPE, CEO and Founder of
Valuation Solutions
Bill Crounse, MD, Director, Worldwide Health, Microsoft Corporation
Don E. Detmer, MD, MA, President/CEO, American Medical Informatics Association
Robin A. Felder, PhD, Director, Medical Automation Research Center, University of
Jeff C. Goldsmith, President, Health Futures, Inc.
Kenneth A. Hirsch, MD, PhD, Director, Medical Risk Management Associates, LLC
William A. Knaus, MD, Chair, Evelyn Troup Hobson Professor and founding
Department of Public Health Sciences, University of Virginia
Lance Manning, MBA, President, Prenosis, LLC
Margaret L. McClure, RN, EdD, Past President, American Academy of Nursing
Prof. Dr.Timo R. Nyberg, Director, Business Development, Goodit Ltd., Helsinki,
Bradley A. Perkins, MD, MBA, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, and Chief, Office
of the Strategy and Innovation, Office of the Director, at the Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention (CDC)
Leslie A. Platt, JD, Counsel, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP
Michael D. Sanborn, MS, RPh, FASHP, Corporate Director of Pharmacy, Baylor Health
Care System
Colin H. Self, PhD, DSc, FRSC, Clinical Biochemistry, University of Newcastle,
Newcastle on Tyne, United Kingdom
G. Terry Sharrer, PhD, Curator of Health Sciences, National Museum of American
History, Smithsonian Institution
Norbert Stoll, PhD, Vice President, Center for Life Science Automation, University of
Rostock, Rostock, Germany
Russell H. Taylor, PhD, Director, CISST Engineering Research Center, Johns Hopkins

About Medical Automation

Medical focuses its non-profit educational mission on conveying unbiased information about medical technology standards, successes, and best practices.
Medical Automation is headquartered in Leesburg, Virginia (conveniently located near Washington, D.C. and Dulles International Airport). A Strategic Advisory Group of experts has been established to draw on the knowledge and skills of health technology leaders world wide.

For more information please contact the meeting organizers:

Robin A. Felder, Ph.D., Director, Medical Automation Research Center, University of Virginia, USA,, T: 434-981-0749
Terry Sharrer, Ph.D., Curator, of Health Sciences, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution,, T: 434-981-0749
Jane N. Fruchtnicht, MSN, RN, Educational Consultant,, T: 434-293-3559