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With more than 25 years experience in the healthcare field, Steve has demonstrated expertise in the development of high performance teams, new business designs and creative problem solving. Steve has extensive experience in sales, sales management, marketing, corporate accounts, and new business development. For the past 16 years at Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, Inc., he has held a variety of management positions, helping build organizational structure and marketing programs designed to support the top North American Integrated Healthcare Systems and strategic corporate partners. The ValuMetrix Services Group was established in 1998 to support those strategic partners using the Johnson & Johnson Process Excellence model to improve quality, lower costs and transfer the knowledge of Lean, Six Sigma and Design Excellence to the healthcare industry.

As a Managing Principal in the ValuMetrix Services Group, Steve believes that we have an obligation to provide the highest quality affordable healthcare possible. He also believes that those healthcare organizations that learn how to produce and sustain a culture of continuous improvement with an ongoing quest toward excellence will emerge as our future industry leaders. By combining change management systems, high performance team development and the proven quality of Lean, Six Sigma and Design Excellence, Steve believes that ValuMetrix Services offers a unique opportunity to elevate our healthcare clients and the industry to a new standard of quality and operational effectiveness.

Disclosure: Steve Friedland is an employee of Johnson and Johson.

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Developing a Lean Process and Automating Your Clinical Laboratory: Does one Precede the Other?

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