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Curtis N. Dikes, RN, MSN, ACNP-BC, CNLC, NEA-BC, is Solution Advisor, Healthcare Business TransformationTeam, Cisco Systems, Inc. Formerly, he was National Director Clinical Informatics Technology Integration, Kaiser Permanente; Past-President, American Nursing Informatics Association
Curtis Dikes is National Director Clinical Informatics Technology Integration at Kaiser Permanente. He identifies and deploys clinical care technologies that foster clinician efficiency, promote quality care and patient safety, and otherwise support clinical improvement goals.
He is an innovator in technology design and integration engendering optimal healthcare design and delivery, using his background as a clinician with expertise in nursing informatics, advanced practice nursing and biomedical ethics. He has diverse experience as a clinician, operations manager and administrator in academic, non-profit and for-profit health care organizations. He has contributed to development of technologically enhanced replicable hospital designs, a key health care technology innovation center, and strategic solutions and product designs in his many engagements.

An active member of advisory boards, including the American Hospital Association (AHA) Solutions, Inc., Vocera Communications, Inc., and Cisco’s Global Health Care Innovation Council, Curtis is Past-President of the American Nursing Informatics Association (ANIA), board member of the American Nursing Informatics Association-CARING (ANIA-CARING), and has been appointed the first board member that is a non-engineer and a clinician to the American College of Clinical Engineers Board of Examiners for Clinical Engineering Certification. In addition, he is a steering committee member and governing director of the Alliance for Nursing Informatics (ANI), and a member of the Association of Nurse Executives’ (AONE) technology committee.
Curtis has been an invited speaker, advisory panelist, and/or thought partner to national and international organizations including the American Health Congress, American Nursing Informatics Association, American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA), Carnegie-Mellon University, Cisco Systems Inc., Duke University, 8th International Congress on Nursing Informatics, Epic Systems Inc., General Electric, Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS), National e-Health Collaborative (NeHC), UCLA, and Vocera Communications Inc.

Curtis has a B.S. in Nursing and Minor in Biomedical Ethics from University of Southern California, Los Angeles; M.S. in Nursing as an Acute-Tertiary Care Nurse Practitioner (specializing in Vascular, Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery) from University of Pennsylvania, and Post-Masters in Nursing and Healthcare Informatics from Duke University.

Mr. Dikes does not have any relevant financial relationships to disclose.

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